5 Reasons to Outsource Your IT in the Digital World.

1. Reduce costs and prevent  budget surprises.

When you hire an IT company, you eliminate the costs associated with hiring an employee (or multiple employees) to do the job, such as training, health insurance, taxes, paid time off, retirement plans etc. Not to mention, the various disciplines needed for Managed IT services typically include a hardware technician, a security specialist, a database technician, a network administrator and more. This means a company could hire 4-5 employees to get all of the benefits of using an MSP. 

It can easily be more cost effective to outsource your IT department and have a fixed monthly expense for management, maintenance, monitoring, and updates.

2. Focus on the important things.

It’s important to know your strengths. As a business owner or operator, you may feel like you or your staff is constantly wearing too many hats.

You may have someone in your office that is pretty good with computers, but this isn’t the job they were hired to do. If they are spending time on your company’s IT needs, who is doing their job? It isn’t practical or efficient to be a Jack-of-All-Trades when you can save time and money by hiring an expert. 

You can focus on growing your business and servicing your clients while we focus on the technology behind the scenes. 

3. Minimize your down-time.

No one wants to hear the phrase: “Our systems went down.” Because of costs that can run into (and over) the thousands of dollars per hour, down-time is a serious issue for businesses. Managed IT support can cut downtime by addressing network problems more quickly than in-house IT could. 

Better yet, our proactive approach to IT can prevent some issues before they even happen. 

4. Stay up to date without having to think about it.

Don’t worry-- we’ve got your back-end systems. And your front-end systems, too! 

All IT hardware and software needs maintenance or updates from time to time. Utilizing a Managed Services provider eliminates the headache of trying to stay on top of all of your updates and security patches. Through a routine maintenance plan, your IT support provider can ensure that your systems are serviced on a regular basis.

MSPs can execute repairs more efficiently than internal IT staff because of their access to parts and equipment. A good MSP will also be able to service older hardware that is no longer supported by the manufacturer, allowing you to keep your existing hardware working for longer periods of time.

With end-to-end protection, we have the experience and knowledge to keep you running smoothly. 

5. Your cybersecurity is our priority.

In today’s digital world, cybersecurity should be a top priority for businesses of all sizes. Approximately  60% of small businesses are successfully hacked each year.

Our managed IT services can help your business protect itself from the threats posed by cybercriminals. Outsourcing security tasks, especially security testing and monitoring, allows your company to enjoy full protection against attacks without needing to directly employ the large force of workers needed to monitor and manage it.

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