eCommerce for Memberships and Subscriptions

About the client: Biophysical Society

The Biophysical Society was founded in the 1950s to lead the development and dissemination of knowledge in biophysics through many activities including meetings, publications, community outreach, and career placement. The Society members, of which there are currently over 9,000, work in academia, industry, and government agencies worldwide. Membership is open to scientists who have educational, research, or practical experience in biophysics or an allied scientific field.


The extensibility of our RazorCart eCommerce platform allowed us to build custom logic for the Biophysical Society on top of our existing core functionality. Our background in eCommerce enabled us to work with the client to develop a deep understanding of their unique requirements and deliver them flawlessly. Our developers worked hands-on with the Biophysical Society project manager to execute even the most complicated requirements and dial-in their eCommerce store leading up to their relaunch in DNN version 9 and update their 11 year old legacy system.



Discounts by Role, Adding Users to Roles

Increased functionality in role management, role discounts, etc.

Selling Non-Physical Products

Selling non-physical products: courses, webinars, registrations, subscritptions, and donations

AngularJS and Web API

Custom Modal Popup and new logic for AngularJS  controllers and updated Web API

Action Delegate Pipeline Integrations

Action Delegate Pipeline OnCheckoutComplete event to integrate Webinars API 

Order Integration Pipeline Integrations

Custom order integration pipeline to integrate with back-end membership system

Eligibility Validation

Eligibility validation on products using custom fields, based on order history and current membership status

Custom and Pre-Set Donation Amounts

With available user-entered amounts, you can boost your donation amount by allowing customers to decide what to donate for themselves. And you still have the ability to create donation amount options for users who prefer the convenience of a quick and easy donation and a seamless checkout.

Fully Integrated Membership eCommerce

  • Unlimited Membership Types
  • Price Adjustments at Membership-Level
  • Show/Hide Products by Membership Type
  • Add Customers as Members on Successful Purchase
  • Integration with Back-End Membership System
custom e-Commerce Store


Your membership software, simplified.

If you want more information on the capabilities of our eCommerce Solution, you can download the full case study here.

Case Study