Online Appointment Booking with Multiple Locations

About the client: Pinellas County Florida Clerk of the Circuit Court

The Clerk’s Self Help Center now offers the public the opportunity to conveniently schedule attorney consultations online. With this new feature, anyone can easily schedule their attorney consultations by visiting the Clerk’s website at The accomplishments of this program are deeply rooted in the assistance offered to self represented litigants as they face complicated and emotionally taxing legal matters.

Take Reservations Online

Self-service appointment booking for single and multiple locations

Sell Products and Appointments

Selling PDF documents as an add-on product so users can download necessary items before their appointment

Cutting-Edge Reporting

A color-coded calendar report for admins to view/change appointments

Accept Bookings Anywhere

Allow admins to impersonate on-site and phone customers to schedule appointments on their behalf from an admin system

Accept Cash, Checks and Credit Cards

On-site payment processing and cash drawer totalling to integrate with website

Set Your Own Availibility

Customizable availability for date/times to include lunch breaks, holidays and more

 Online Appointment Booking System for Single and Multiple Locations 

We were able to take our existing shopping cart and booking functionality, and tailor it specifically to the requirements of the Pinellas County Circuit-Court self-help system for online attorney bookings.

Users are able to log in to the website and book an appointment that suits their needs by date and time, at multiple locations. The client has full control over available date and time blocks, as well as duration of appointments, setting a minimum and maximum value.

Users then select an appointment type, such as eviction, name change, tenant rights, and more. They also have the ability to add on products such as downloadable documents to bring with them to their self-help appointments.


Your Booking software, simplified.

We can customize this solution to fit the needs of any business that needs an appointment booking system. If you want more information our online appointment booking solution, you can download the full case study here.

Case Study