ACH E-Check Software

Automated Clearing House (ACH) gives you access to collect directly from your customers' checking or savings accounts.  If you accept credit card payments on a terminal, you have already utilized ACH processing in your business. Through Smith Consulting's Solutions, you can access a wider array of ACH services to simplify and improve your payment collection processes.

Also known as Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), ACH facilitates payment collection directly from your customer’s checking or savings accounts. Additionally, it is the most commonly used method for recurring billing.

ACH Benefits Include:
  • Item fees typically lower than check fees.
  • Reduced return fees.
  • Considered a convience by the consumer.
  • The transfer time is 2 days.
  • 60 day window for consumer chargebacks.  Most returns occur within 1 week.

With either a credit card terminal or PC software, you can put the power of the ACH to work for you with the following services:


Payment Collection
  • For one-time purchases, use ACH in place of checks or credit cards for a more efficient payment collection at a lower cost to you.
  • Know sooner whether a payment will return as non-sufficient funds.
  • Eliminate your bank’s fees for returned/NSF checks—only a small fee for ACH NSF.
  • Transfer funds to or from thousands of accounts as easily as from one, when tailored for batch processing.


Recurring Billing
  • Recurring payments can be set up once and the payments will automatically flow to your account on the day and in the amount you specified.
  • You control when you get your money from customers.
  • Provides predictable cash flow.
  • No need for invoicing or other documentation.
  • Your customer’s bank statement serves as invoice.


How to find the ABA routing number and bank account number on a check

To test an ACH/eCheck transaction through a payment gateway you can use any bank's valid routing number, and then a random, fake number for the account number.