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Bring Your eCommerce Together With A Powerful ERP Software

With the help of Smith Consulting, Epicor integration for your eCommerce store has never been easier.

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Smith Consulting is here to help you integrate your Epicor software seamlessly with your online store and accounting system. We will define the relevant points of integration, and all your data from your online store will be sent to your Epicor system.

Some Benefits of Syncing:

Eliminates operator duplicate data entry errors and the need to re-key data into your Accounting/ERP system.

Increased efficiency through a single shared data point.

Increased productivity through streamlined workflow and online order management.

Speed up your order-to-cash payment cycle.

Customizable to fit any business model and technical environment.

Simplifies building and maintaining relationships with customers, suppliers, and partners.

How Does It Work?

When orders are placed on your eCommerce store, then they are sent in real time to your Epicor system. Order status updates are sent to your online store on a scheduled basis.

Get 2 Way Synchronization of Data

Customer Information

Sales orders, order detail ad order status information

Inventory quantities

Shipping details - Tracking #’s, shipping date and status

Product and pricing information

What Do You Need?

The easiest way to get started is to contact us now, so our team of professionals can give you a free consultation. We will take care of the steps necessary for your success.

We can help you make sure that you have your eCommerce store ready for integration. We recommend using RazorCart for your eCommerce needs, but we can help you integrate with any eCommerce system! Our integration experts are standing by to help.

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