Payment Registration

Allow Customers to Register, Make Payment, or Subscribe to Your Products or Services. Enable your DNN portal with Online Bill Payment and integrated credit card and eCheck processing. Our custom Payment Registration modules are integrated with all major payment gateways and merchant account providers. Great for one time payments, recurring billing, subscriptions and online donations.

Online Payment Registration
  • User friendly checkout with integrated eCommerce
  • Full DNN Profile Integration - Module retrieves logged in users profile information to enable “Fast Checkout“. Upon successful registration, module creates new DNN profile for new users and updates DNN profile for existing users.
  • One time payments or recurring billing
  • Custom registration settings for configuring product/service, subscription, price, custom redirect page, payment gateway, merchant account and test/live mode checkbox.
  • Custom form builder with drag and drag
  • User Entered Amounts - For users who pay variable amount invoices or can be used accepting online donations for charity or non profit orgnaizations
  • Surcharge and Service Fees (Percentage or Amount)
  • Option for user to enter their User ID or default to email address
  • Coupons and Discounts
  • Serial Number Management / Auto Generate Serial Numbers upon successful registration
  • Real time Gift Card / Membership Card Integration

​Create invoices and email to users with the Billing Manager module.  

Custom Fields
  • Quantity Textbox
  • Invoice Number
  • Surcharge and Service Fee
  • Show/Hide Company Name
  • Custom Textboxes
  • Custom Dropdown Lists
  • Custom Listboxes
  • Custom Checkboxes
  • Custom RadioButtons
  • File Upload Control (i.e. Images, PDF, etc)
  • Custom multiline textbox can be used to collect comments or specials instructions
  • Option to show or hide custom fields
  • Option to make custom fields optional or required
Recurring Billing Features
  • Daily, weekly, every 2 weeks, monthly, every 2 months, quarterly, semi-annual and yearly recurring billing supported
  • Subscriptions with recurring billing and role management
  • Custom registration settings for configuring length of subscription, subscription interval and total occurrences
  • Option for user to enter recurring billing start day
  • If recurring credit card subscription fails authorization user is automatically removed from DNN role
  • Trial subscriptions and amounts supported enable you to offer one or two months free or at a discounted price when the customer registers
User Role Features
  • User is added to admin configurable DNN role you choose automatically after they register
  • Ability to add the user to one or more roles upon successful registration
  • Option to remove a user from one or more roles after successful registration
General Payment Registration Features
  • Module settings allow you to select a custom page to redirect to after successful registrations
  • Opt In Registration field the user can select to sign up for special offers, promotions, email communication and newsletters.
  • Custom Comments field - Checkbox in module settings provides the ability to show or hide a comments field for user entered comments
  • User Defined Dropdownlist - Show/hide custom configurable dropdownlist displayed to the user during registration checkout. Useful for collecting marketing data like "How did you hear about us"
  • User Defined Checkbox - Show/hide checkbox displayed to the user during registration checkout. Useful for requiring a user to agree to terms and conditions before paying
  • User Defined Listbox - Show/hide custom listbox displayed to the user during registration checkout. Useful for listing your terms and conditions to the user before they pay
  • PCI Compliant - All customer information is stored securely in SQL Server tables and credit card information is encrypted
  • SSL Support
Email Confirmation
  • Confirmation email sent to customer and administrator. Email subject and body are customizable in module settings
  • Personlize confirmation emails by adding tokens for first name, last name, username, password, email, maked credit card #, registrant’s phone number, address (street, city, state, and zip code) and order total.
  • Rich text editor support (FCKEditor) to customize email body
Payment Types
  • Real time credit card processing (Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover, JCB)
  • Real time ACH eCheck processing with account number and routing number verification
Payment Gateways
  • Over 30 different payment gateways supported including Authorize.Net (AIM/SIM/ARB), PayPal, and many more. For a complete list of payment gateways click here to view the Payment Gateway User's Guide
  • All payment gateways supported are installed automatically when you install the module. After you configure a few module settings your customers will be able to register and purchase your products or services, checkout and pay by credit card instantly. It's that easy!
My Accounts Module
  • View users and subscriptions for all users that have registered
  • Manage subsciptions module allows you to view members, subscriptions, billing and subscription status
  • Cancel user subscriptions to stop recurring credit card billing and remove user from DNN membership role
Subscription Management
  • View user and payment history
  • Subscription Management
  • Coupon Management
  • Serial Number Management
DNN Versions Supported
  • DNN version 5/6/7/8
  • Standard - Per Domain Name
  • Enterprise - Unlimited Domains

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